About Us

MKSD-InvestImmo is an Austrian development company. Our core competence is modern apartments, residential buildings, and townhouses.

The distinctive features of our properties are the minimalism of the exterior and the maximum use of space with open plans and rooftop terraces. The result is incredibly elegant houses in a variety of geometric shapes, which are fully functional and offer plenty of room for creativity. At MKSD-InvestImmo, we stick to this tradition in our choice of style, which comes into its own in our projects, such as HayHills, StoneHills and Flemminggasse 8. All of the houses for sale are built using the same high-quality technology. Flat or pitched roofs are built using reinforced concrete structures. The facades are insulated with EPS-F Plus. The skylights and panoramic windows are JOSKO triple-glazed wooden/aluminum windows, additionally equipped with sunblinds offering the smartphone remote control option. Floors and terraces are made of porcelain stone, while interior partitions are made of drywall with high-quality soundproofing. Bathrooms and sanitary ware are provided by CATALANO, BetterLux, etc. The houses are equipped with smart home technology, outdoor lighting and standard wiring in accordance with high standards of living space. Therefore, we can say with certainty that we, MKSD-InvestImmo development company, offer our customers and future residents of apartments and townhouses the best in the upmarket districts of Vienna.