MKSD-InvestImmo is an Austrian property developer. Our major specialization is modern apartments, houses and townhouses. The signature feature of our objects is a maximal use of space with free floor plans, where the terraces are located on the roofs together with minimalism of the exterior. This result to very elegant houses with a variety of geometric shapes, which guarantees full functionality and space for creative imagination. All our houses for sale are made with the same high quality technology. The flat or pitched roofs are reinforced concrete structures. The houses facades are thermally insulated with EPS-F Plus. The panoramic and roof wood/aluminum windows with triple glenzing are provided from JOSKO. They are equipped additionally with blinds for sun protection with the option of remote control via smartphone. Floors and terraces are made of porcelain stone/ wood , inner partitions are made of drywall with high-quality sound insulation. All bathrooms and sanitary ware come from CATALANO, BETTERLUX etc. The houses are equipped with smart home technology, outdoor lighting and standard cabling in accordance with the high living standards. Therefore, we can confidently say that we – the developers MKSD-Investimmo – offer our customers and future residents of our apartments and townhouses the BEST in prestigious arears of Vienna.

1160 Stonehills

This unique project is located in Steinmüllergasse, in an excellent premium location, directly on Wilhelminenbergs. The luxury condominiums are built on 4 floors. This design project is characterized by modern architecture with the highest quality equipment. Living in the countryside and easy access to the public transport network.


1170 Hayhills

This construction project offers you 4 exclusive terraced houses in townhouse style - light-filled atmosphere through open and closed areas on 4 levels, privacy on each floor, urban and family-friendly.

1190, Flemminggasse 8

The residential building is located between Sieveringer Straße and Nottebohmstraße. There are 4 levels with a garden, several terraces and a large roof terrace.